Abraham to Rome for 40 million, official soon

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The official status of Tammy Abraham will arrive in the next few hours, between tonight and tomorrow morning, but the deal was closed for 40 million plus bonuses linked to the achievement of certain sporting goals that will be paid to Chelsea in more exercises (until 2025). This season Roma will pay only five million to the Blues, while in the 24-25 they will be 15. Chelsea have secured a right to buy back the player, at 80 million, which can only be exercised after two seasons, therefore from 2023. The good outcome the negotiation, which lasted about a week, was the result of the mediation work of Tiago Pinto who managed to convince the player to leave the Premier League after years of militancy in Chelsea and despite other offers such as those of Arsenal, West Ham, Aston Villa and Atletico Madrid.
Mourinho can smile as he returns to talk through his social networks announcing the interview that will be released tomorrow on the club’s channels: “I smile because I had a record of 40 days without interviews. Incredible time, in which I concentrated only on work and I forgot my friends from the press. Today was the right day … I had an interview with the club and you can watch it tomorrow. “