Afghanistan, another 211 evacuees arrived in Fiumicino

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– FIUMICINO (ROME), AUGUST 22 – Another 211 Afghans among former collaborators and their families, evacuated from Kabul via Kuwait City as part of the airlift organized by the Defense, arrived this morning shortly after 7 at Fiumicino airport aboard an Air Force Boeing KC767.

Once the anti-Covid health prophylaxis is completed, the refugees will subsequently be transferred by Army bus to facilities dedicated to them. For the ‘Aquila Omnia’ operation, planned and directed by the Joint Chief Operating Officer (Covi) commanded by General Luciano Portolano, the Defense fielded eight aircraft: four KC767s that alternate between the operation area and the Italy and as many C130Js, the latter located in Kuwait from where the airlift to Kabul departs. (HANDLE).