Afghanistan: Di Battista, now we need to talk to the Taliban

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“The Taliban cares little or nothing about being ‘recognized’. They are the winners of the war in Afghanistan and, like it or not, if you want to have a minimum of influence on a strategic land or if you want to follow up on contrite declarations and put there are humanitarian corridors for thousands of refugees, we need to talk to them. Period. Besides, it would be nothing new “. Thus the former MP of the M5s, Alessandro Di Battista on “I’d rather write uncomfortable truths than tag along to an army of whitewashed graves that shouldn’t even say the word Afghanistan after defending a nefarious war.” (

“For years now, major intelligence officers in Western countries have been dealing with the Taliban.
We were treated by emissaries of heads of state, leaders of foreign ministries, NGOs, even directors of foreign companies “, says Di Battista in the editorial published by the online newspaper about the Afghan crisis.
“Even the first victim of the war in Afghanistan was the truth – he begins – The United States and its foolish servants did not bomb Afghanistan (as well as Iraq, Libya or Syria) to eliminate terrorism, sharia law, the burqa or to guarantee human rights. And those who still drink this lie are complicit with the masters and godfathers of the planet. The Taliban, like it or not, had nothing to do with the attack on the Twin Towers, just like Saddam Hussein he did not possess chemical weapons. Of course, the images of Afghans clinging to the undercarriage of a US plane and falling into the void make a sensation. This is the war. This was the war in Afghanistan. An obscene, hypocritical, useless war. A war, moreover. , lost “.
“For years I have argued that the war in Afghanistan, fought to honor the interests of the great North American killing factories and to create a US outpost in a geo-politically strategic country (Afghanistan has almost 1,000 km of border with Iran, is not far from the Caspian Sea, where the Russian navy operates, and is connected to China via the Wakhan Corridor) was madness and that the history of democracy to be exported was fake news. Today, hordes of hypocrites notice it “, he continues By Battista. In his opinion “if you want to open health facilities, you will need to talk to the Taliban. If you want to prevent such an important country from surrendering to the Chinese as the phantasmagoric Afghan army trained to the sound of billions of US or European taxpayers has surrendered to the Taliban,” Well, it will be necessary to deal with them. Otherwise you can always try the path of humanitarian warfare to oust the mullahs of the new millennium from power. Basically it worked great, didn’t it? It is the position of some center-right politicians. in war after losing it. Phenomena in power “.