Afghanistan, Draghi: ‘Thanks to our 54 dead soldiers, they are heroes’

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“I want to send a message of sincere affection to the families of the 54 fallen, Italy has lost 54 soldiers over the course of these 20 years and about 700 injured. I want to say to their families that their sacrifice was not in vain, they defended the values for which they were sent, fundamental freedoms and women’s rights, they carried out operations to prevent terrorism, they did good “.
Thus Prime Minister Mario Draghi in an interview with Tg1 on the situation in Afghanistan. And he concluded: “For me and for all Italians, and I tell their families, they are heroes”.

“The first thing that needs to be done, perhaps not the most important, is to reflect on the experience that has taken place. Let us remember that the war in Afghanistan is the first response of the United States to the attack on the Twin Towers. So the balance we draw is not a assessing only the war in Afghanistan, is of the last 20 years and of the role that the West has played in the whole Arab world. But perhaps even more important than looking at the past and discussing budgets is to chart the future “.

“The work of repatriating Afghan diplomats, soldiers and collaborators continues. Most of the diplomatic representation arrived in Rome on August 16. There are still military teams and diplomats (very few) on the field who will have to help the ‘evacuation of other fellow citizens of ours who are there and of Afghan collaborators and their families when conditions permit. I want to thank all these people for their courage and dedication with which they carry out their task “.

“The future for Italy is made up of defending fundamental rights, defending women’s rights, protecting all those who have been exposed in recent years in defending these rights in Afghanistan. This must be pursued in all contexts. Certainly, states such as China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey will enter this great work of global collaboration. And all these states are members of the G20. So the G20 naturally offers a place where to start this work of collaboration. “, said the premier.