Afghanistan: Loreto is proposed as a humanitarian corridor

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– LORETO, AUG 17 – The city of Loreto, home to one of the largest Marian shrines in the world, offers itself as a humanitarian corridor to welcome refugees from Afghanistan, in particular women who risk being the most affected by their return of the Taliban regime. This is the proposal of the mayor Moreno Pieroni who wrote to the prefect and to the foreign minister Di Maio. ‘We cannot stand and watch without doing anything – says the mayor of Loreto -. Our country has always been a place dedicated to hospitality beyond belonging and religious beliefs: we remain faithful to our history as a city open to others and we make ourselves available to give hospitality to refugees and refugees who will need it ” . “We felt the moral duty to do something concrete – continues the mayor – and we appeal to all the realities of the territory such as the Pontifical Delegation, the Red Cross, the Civil Protection, the Foundations and the city associations, so that they can share this our initiative and, together, make it operational “. It is not the first time that the city of Loreto has taken action to respond to international humanitarian emergencies: already in recent years, the Marian center had hosted the Albanian and Kosovar community residing in Tolentino and displaced in following the 2016 earthquake. “Loreto is a center of worship known all over the world – concludes Pieroni -, it is necessary to use the reference and the nza that the name of our city exercises everywhere to sensitize public opinion, Italian and not only, on this enormous tragedy that is unfolding. I want to think that many other municipalities will do the same following our example “. .