Afghanistan: media, President Ghani has left the country

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– ROME, AUGUST 15 – The Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has allegedly left the country. Some sources report it, according to the local agency Tolonews. Two sources said President Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan today after the Taliban entered Kabul. With him, reports Tolonews, also his close collaborators, including vice president Amrullah Saleh. Ghani allegedly moved to Tajikistan, according to local media. Ghani’s office made it clear that they could not say anything for security reasons.

Earlier in the day, Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi said Ghani has given political leaders the authority to resolve the crisis in the country. And that tomorrow a delegation will go to Doha for talks on the situation in the country. The delegation includes key political leaders, including Younus Qanooni, Ahmad Wali Massoud, Mohammad Mohaqiq. (HANDLE).