Ahmed, Zahara’s brother: ‘Another 16 million women like my sister’

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“On the one hand I am happy, on the other I am sad because Zahra is one and, like her, there are 16 million women. If we add the children too, the number doubles”. So Ahmed, the brother of the Afghan activist Zahra Ahmadi arrived at Fiumicino airport to hug “albeit virtually”, he said, his sister arriving at Leonardo da Vinci with the airlift organized by the Defense.

“There is total desperation in Afghanistan. In addition to women and children there are many other men who suffer. This day, which coincides with the arrival of my sister, should be a special day for me but it is not so: a part of me is dancing, the other is in mourning “.

The voice at times broken by emotion, the sunglasses trying to cover his shining eyes, Ahmed, surrounded by the television crews present at Fiumicino airport for the arrival of the Air Force flight with 202 evacuated from the Afghanistan, including collaborators and their families but also the members of the Veronesi Foundation.

“I am very happy – adds the man – of what the Italian Government has done for me. I thank Minister Guerini and all the Italian staff there in Kabul where the situation is serious. Everything possible has been done – he added – but there is not only Zahara. We have a duty to help others too. ”