Amazon, physical supermarkets will support e-commerce in the US

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– MILAN, AUGUST 19 – The digital commerce giant Amazon is targeting physical supermarkets after having already opened themed stores around the US. The Wall Street Journal claims this, citing sources close to the operation, according to which the first sales surfaces with the sign of the giant founded by Jeff Bezos, will not be larger than 30 thousand square feet (3 thousand square meters), equal to 1/3 than the average size of an American supermarket, and should be built in Ohio and California. A decision made following the trend recorded in the US to physically go shopping in shopping centers after the restrictions linked to the pandemic. Inside the warehouses there could be products sold exclusively by Amazon from clothing to electronics and furniture, which could also be accompanied by articles of major brands. However, there are no definitive decisions on this issue yet. However, for Amazon it would not be an absolute novelty, as already today you can make purchases in physical owned stores. These include the ‘Amazon Books’, the ‘Amazon 4-star’, the ‘Amazonfresh’ and the ‘Amazon pop up’, flanked by the ‘Amazon go’ and ‘Amazon gogrocery’ signs, available in various US states. Finally, at the beginning of 2017, the acquisition of the American commercial chain Whole Foods for 13.7 billion dollars (11.71 billion euros). (HANDLE).