An owl hits him and a motorcyclist dies

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– ROVIGO, AUGUST 17 – He lost control of the bike he was traveling on after being hit on the helmet by an owl and died in the fall. The victim is a 24 year old, Nico Duò, from Ariano Polesine (Rovigo), who last night around 20.30 in Ariano (Rovigo), was driving his Ducati when he crashed to the ground.

According to the carabinieri, who intervened on the spot for the reliefs, the man was hit on the helmet by the bird. The young man died of his injuries after being rushed to hospital.

“There are no words to comment on such a tragedy, only a deep sadness. PN Padovanuoto is close to Nico’s family and friends in this moment of pain”. These are the words with which the sports club remembers the 24-year-old who died as a water polo player on social media.