Archeology: Attic Kàntharos attributed to Brygos painter

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– PALERMO, AUGUST 19 – The Attic kàntharos with red figures is attributable to the production of the Brygos painter. On the figured band of the vase is represented Dionysus with satyrs and maenads, a drawing attributed to the well-known ancient Greek painter, who lived between the sixth and fifth centuries BC and considered one of the greatest artists of Attic red-figure ceramics. Its authenticity is established by the thermoluminescence test developed by the professors of the University of Catania in collaboration with the CHNet – Cultural Heritage Network of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

A methodology aimed at authenticating ceramic finds through the optimization of tests based on thermoluminescence as part of a project launched in 2019 in collaboration with the False Laboratory of the University of Roma Tre.

In the Roma Tre surface analysis laboratory (Lasr3), directed by prof. Luca Tortora, the professors of the University of Catania – Anna Gueli, head of the Ph3dra laboratories of the “Ettore Majorana” Department of Physics and Astronomy, and Carlo Trigona of the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering – carried out the sampling phase and indirect measurements for estimating thermal variations in the presence of the owner of the building.

“During the sampling phase, the procedure developed in the laboratory for the analysis of compatibility with the presumed age of ceramic and terracotta artefacts was applied, crossing the results of thermoluminescence with those obtained with non-standard measurement and transduction methods. invasive – explain Gueli and Trigona -. The results made it possible to confirm the attribution of the kàntharos to the oldest production of the Brygos painter and also to validate the new procedure born in the laboratories of the Catania university “.

An advanced technique that will be presented at the next international congress Metrology for Archeology and Cultural Heritage “MetroArcheo” scheduled in Milan from 20 to 22 October next. (HANDLE).