Aroldo by Giuseppe Verdi in Rimini from 27 August

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– BOLOGNA, 16 AUG – The rehearsals of “Aroldo”, the opera by Giuseppe Verdi who, in the presence of the author, inaugurated the Teatro Nuovo in Rimini on 16 August 1857, are now in an advanced stage and on 27 August returns to that same place, now named after Amintore Galli. This is the first opera production of the Rimini theater after the reconstruction and reopening in 2018, a new staging resulting from a co-production with the theaters of Ravenna, Modena and Piacenza.

For the return of the opera to Rimini, the dramaturgical approach is new with a work that seeks on the one hand to re-evaluate one of the lesser known titles of the Verdi repertoire and on the other to tell the story of the theater in which it was first performed.

Entrusted to the baton of Manlio Benzi on the podium of the Luigi Cherubini Orchestra, the new staging was conceived by Emilio Sala and Edoardo Sanchi who sign the dramaturgy and direction together for the first time. “This production – explains Sala – re-proposes Verdi’s work in an installation that, in addition to the original story, will tell the story of the Rimini theater or, as we will discover at the end, our history. The starting point is the dramaturgy of the forgiveness at the basis of Verdi’s musical project, a dramaturgy that, in the same 1857, had already been experimented by the great composer in Simon Boccanegra, albeit with a tragic outcome. very fragile – full of expectations and hope “. “Working on this production of” Aroldo “is a unique emotion – said Maestro Benzi – because for years we had been thinking together of a project that would combine music, drama, text and scenography which in our case is the Theater itself”.

In the cast the tenor Antonio Corianò will play the role of the protagonist, flanked by the very young Lidia Fridman, the soprano of Russian origin who plays Mina. Only replica on 29 August. On the evening of August 27 “Aroldo” will be broadcast live on the Opera Streaming platform. (HANDLE).