Art: goodbye to Chuck Close, hyperrealist artist

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– NEW YORK, AUGUST 19 – The world of culture says goodbye to Chuck Close, one of the greats of contemporary stars and stripes, who died today at the age of 81 in a hospital in Oceanside in the state of New York.

Painter and photographer known for the techniques used to paint the human face and his large-scale photorealist portraits, Close had become famous thanks to hyper-realistic paintings that had blurred the distinction between photography and painting.

In 1988 he was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. He had also continued to paint and produce works sought after by museums and collectors. And in a wheelchair he had had a cameo role in the 1993 film Six Degrees of Separation.

Four years ago Close had been the subject of allegations of sexual harassment by women who came to his studio to pose for him. The artist admitted that he used potentially offensive expressions towards them: “I’m sorry if I embarrassed them. I have a big mouth.” (HANDLE).