At the Rimini Meeting an exhibition dedicated to Pasolini

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– BOLOGNA, 11 AUG – An exhibition, entitled, ‘I, Pier Paolo Pasolini’ in which the face and voice of the intellectual – director, screenwriter, actor, poet, writer, playwright – will be told, in six large video projections and in a collective and uninterrupted performance of readings of his texts, entrusted to several voices called to return his words ‘alive’. To celebrate Pasolini’s genius is the Rimini Meeting, scheduled in the halls of the Romagna city fair from 20 to 25 August. In detail, the exhibition in six acts will be opened by the performance ‘Pasolini Live’, which will reach an international audience via the web. A continuous Pasolini live broadcast will be broadcast from a control room at the beginning of the exhibition: an uninterrupted reading for more than ten hours a day of Pasolini’s books and collections to which groups of actors, artists and curators will give voice, in addition to the visitors of the exhibition and volunteers of the Fair, called to read a passage by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The flow of over 50 hours of performances, for 6 consecutive days, will also be enriched by special guests: in the days of the CL festival, passionate readers, men and women of culture, poets and journalists, musicians and singers, doctors and scientists who will speak from the exhibition and from all over the world with their own voice, reading a passage by Pier Paolo Pasolini dear to them. (HANDLE).