Athletics: U.20 World Cup; blue Luiu is silver on the top

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– NAIROBI, 21 AUG – From the high jump comes the first Italian medal at the Under 20 Athletics World Championships in Nairobi. The conquest, silver, Massimiliano Luiu from Sassari with a personal best of 2.17, a measure obtained at the first attempt.

Gold to the Israeli Yonathan Kapitolnik (2.26), bronze to the Polish Mateusz Kolodziejski (2.17). Luiu was a race without errors up to the decisive quota, and the blue improved by an inch on the most important occasion of the season.

The 19 year old Sardinian is the protagonist of a clear path with five successful jumps starting at 2.00 to continue with 2.06 and 2.10, then 2.14 and 2.17 before three errors at 2.19. He appeared on the platform with the eleventh accreditation based on personal records (2.16 achieved in mid-May) and closes in second place the standard bearer of Libertas Sassari, 195 centimeters in height, who grew up under the technical guidance of Crescenzio Carboni.

A month ago at the U20 European Championships in Tallinn he was the first of those excluded from the final with 2.13 while in 2019 in the blue jersey Luiu was placed fourth as a student in Baku, in the European Youth Olympic Festival. If the Israeli Kapitolnik scores a gold double and grows by one centimeter, the Polish Kolodziejski, already silver at the continental review, goes down a step instead, who must resort to the third and final test to overcome 2.17.

The blue started athletics early, at the age of 7, practicing middle distance before moving up to the top, but as a child he also enjoyed Latin American dance.