Bernardo, Afghan refugees in the evacuated social centers

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– MILAN, AUGUST 18 – “We immediately welcome the Afghans who for twenty years have collaborated with our soldiers located in the country, men and women who risked their lives to fight the Taliban from within to try to bring freedom and well-being “. Thus the candidate for mayor of the center-right in Milan, Luca Bernardo, spoke of the Afghan crisis and the reception of refugees in the city in a note.

Bernardo’s proposal is to welcome refugees in occupied social centers which should therefore be evacuated.

“It is right to make contact with the organizations operating in Afghanistan and activate coordination for reception. In Milan, I remember, there are at least 15 social centers that have been illegally occupied: they should be evacuated and room be made for those who really need it – he explained -. The city is finally free of illegality and the structures are destined for noble purposes. Mayor candidates officially make this commitment “.

“Milan and Italy will have to do their part, even Fatebenefratelli, in its small way, has given a large voluntary association the willingness to welcome some families – he concluded -. Think in particular of children”. (HANDLE).