Bishop, Assisi diocese ready to welcome Afghans

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– ASSISI (PERUGIA), AUGUST 17 – “For us the value of hospitality lies in things. For this reason, as the diocese of Assisi, we are willing to open ourselves to refugees from Afghanistan, even if all logistical aspects must be carefully checked “: this was told to ANSA by Monsignor Domenico Sorrentino, bishop of the city of San Francesco who will soon also assume the leadership of the diocesan community of Foligno. “We are ready to do what we have done so far, for example with the people of Eritrea,” he added.

“On a strictly logistical level – said Monsignor Sorrentino – it is however necessary to keep one’s feet on the ground. We will also see how the national Caritas will move”.

For the bishop of Assisi “the problem is not just that of the first welcome”. “It is necessary to know how to manage – concluded Monsignor Sorrentino – the future path of these people who have a culture different from ours”. (HANDLE).