Books, Claudia Durastanti will be the curator of La Tartaruga

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– ROME, AUG 11 – The writer and translator Claudia Durastanti, author of the revelation novel ‘La straniera’ (The ship of Theseus) with which she entered the five-tier of the 2019 Strega Award, will be the curator of La Tartaruga, the historian publishing house founded in 1975 by Laura Lepetit, who died on 6 August 2021. This was announced by Elisabetta Sgarbi, general manager of La nave di Teseo.

“For several months we have been reasoning with Mario Andreose and Eugenio Lio on the need to restore an autonomous identity to La Tartaruga, a real publishing house, which would treasure its history but be able to speak to new readers and, at the same time was distinguished, in its editorial proposal, from La nave di Teseo, while dialoguing with it.

Claudia Durastanti, author of ‘La straniera’, translated in over 15 countries, seemed to us the most suitable figure for this enterprise, for training, for international outlook, for personal history, for passion and commitment “, explains Sgarbi.

Directed by Laura Lepetit until 1997, when the brand and catalog were sold to Baldini & Castoldi, and became part of La nave di Teseo in 2017, La Tartaruga by the will of the founder published only women’s books and built a catalog of great authors and Nobel Prize winners such as Doris Lessing, Margaret Atwood, Nadine Gordimer, Barbara Pym, Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein and Alice Munro.

“I don’t like the idea of ​​rebirth – nothing is dead – nor that of relaunching: I know of a word that implies an antecedent defect, as if something had gone wrong; it is basically a concept of marketing. reinvention over time: Lepetit has invented something that wasn’t there before, it’s about translating his intuition into the present “says Claudia Durastanti who was born in Brooklyn in 1984. With her debut novel ‘One day I’ll come throwing stones alla tua finestra ‘in 2010 won the Mondello Giovani Prize. This was followed by ‘To Chloe, for the wrong reasons’ and ‘Cleopatra goes to jail’. She was Italian Fellow in Literature at the American Academy in Rome and is one of the founders of the Festival of Italian Literature in London. (HANDLE).