Brazil: Bolsonaro indicates evangelical pastor to Supreme Court

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– BRAZIL, AUGUST 19 – The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, has returned to defend his indication of an evangelical pastor as the new judge of the Supreme Court (Stf).

With the possible appointment of his former Minister of Justice, André Mendonca, “God will be more present in the Stf, because where the word of God enters, harmony enters, peace and prosperity enters”, said the head of state during an event in a temple of the Pentecostal Assembly of God church in the Amazonian state of Parà.

Bolsonaro has named Mendonca in the Senate as a candidate to occupy one of the eleven seats on the Court after the retirement of the magistrate Marco Aurelio Mello last month.

Mendonca was the Minister of Justice of the current government and defends conservative positions: he is against abortion and rejects the classification of homophobia as a crime, among other things.

The election of an evangelical candidate as judge of the highest body of justice in Brazil has been questioned by some jurists, who defend the secularism of the state. (HANDLE).

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