Buffon at the first with Parma ‘give everything to reach goals’

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– ROME, AUGUST 20 – “Give everything we have to achieve our goals.

It will be a tough, long, balanced championship. “After the 2-2 draw in Frosinone on the day of his return to defense of Parma’s goal on the first day of Serie B, Gianluigi Buffon left his thoughts on twitter.” It will be necessary to fight for every ball – adds the former Juventus and National team goalkeeper – to win what we want “.

And before the match at Sky Buffon he said: “The older you get, the more emotional you become, for me this is an important challenge that I really care about, for a thousand reasons. Because there are so many people who believe in me. I’m fine. , I had some problems, as far as Parma is concerned, history requires us that this must be the year of redemption and to return to Serie A. We must be aware that it will not be a catwalk, we must put on gardener gloves because we will have to get their hands dirty”.