Burning on the Pisan Mountains, including the hypothesis of a barbecue lit by tourists

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– PISA, 16 AUG – It could have started from a spark of a barbecue lit by some tourists in a B & b in the area, the vast fire that broke out on the eve of Ferragosto on the Pisan Mountains, above Vicopisano (Pisa), which destroyed 25 hectares of vegetation. It is learned from investigative circles.

The carabinieri of the company of Pontedera (Pisa), who have opened an investigation, are still examining dozens of reports, verifying their reliability and, at the moment, the most accredited track would lead to a group of foreign tourists who would have lost control of the barbecue without being able to tame the flames that in a short time, also thanks to the dry ground due to the great heat of these days, have crossed the ridge of Monte Capitano, licking some houses and damaging others. For now they are not under investigation and the investigators are still acquiring the testimonies before disputing any responsibility to tourists who had rented some rooms in a structure, and who are therefore regularly registered. (HANDLE).