ceramic design by Rosanna Bianchi Piccoli in Faenza

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– FAENZA, 16 AUG – A tribute to the ceramist Rosanna Bianchi Piccoli, who since the end of the 1950s has dedicated herself to ceramic design with passion and innovative spirit, always in contact with the artists of her time – from Lucio Fontana to Giò and Arnaldo Pomodoro – and capable of establishing itself thanks to a personal style, characterized by a deep knowledge of the material but at the same time constantly open to contemporary research. On Friday 3 September, in the renovated ancient spaces of the Isia di Faenza (Ravenna), the exhibition ‘Rosanna Bianchi Piccoli. Ethno-socio-anthropological research 1957-1963 ‘, curated by Anty Pansera and sponsored by the International Museum of Ceramics (Mic), in conjunction with the second edition of the Made in Italy event of Ente Ceramica Faenza.

Rosanna Bianchi Piccoli (Milan, 1929) at the end of the 1950s began for Enapi (National Craft and Small Industries) “a pilot project with an ethno / socio / anthropological slant on the ceramic grammar of the past in order to identify a contemporary syntax” . A job that allows her to meet the “master craftsmen”, such as the Milanese Romeo Daccò, Zizi Tritapepe from Lanciano, Litterio Iachetta from Collesano in the Madonie, the Fabiani from Fratte Rosa, cocciai since 1730. The exhibition, until 8 October , is composed of 33 pieces from his collection made in Abruzzo, Marche and Sicily, some of which were produced specifically for the exhibition starting from the original project: timeless everyday objects, both ancient and modern, characterized by a intense formal richness, which the ceramist had learned in the ancient workshops of the masters and which she had happily learned to reinterpret, with her intellectual approach as a cultured and refined woman. (HANDLE).