Cinema: 70 thousand spectators for Cineteca in piazza in Bologna

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– BOLOGNA, 12 AUGUST – Seventy thousand spectators from 21 June to today at the summer screenings of the Cineteca di Bologna, with an average of over a thousand spectators per evening in Piazza Maggiore and an average of 400 at the ‘twin screen’ of the LunettArena. And without flexions after the introduction of the Green pass for access to the shows from 6 August.

“It is the cultural exception of Bologna”, comments the director of the Cineteca, Gian Luca Farinelli. “Who could have imagined, in this era, of gathering a thousand people a night in Piazza Maggiore to experience the thrill of cinema together? I wonder how many other Italian cities have this desire for culture and show such affection for an event like ‘Sotto the stars of the cinema ‘, an unmissable appointment for the Bolognese and the many foreigners who arrived in the city, despite the difficulties of these last two summers. In this second season in which we face the health emergency we have returned to perceive a strong desire for putting cinema and culture back at the center of our lives “.

Many prestigious guests, from Isabella Rossellini to Nanni Moretti, from Isabelle Huppert to Carlo Vanzina, from Giorgio Rights to Gianni Amelio, Paolo Virzi ‘, Matilda De Angelis. Saturday 14 August the bill will close with an evening dedicated to dance, as usual, with the film ‘Extraliscio’ by Elisabetta Sgarbi. (HANDLE).