Club Serie A, with 35% spectators is the end of volleyball

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– PERUGIA, AUGUST 18 – “It is good to know that a cut in revenues, between ticket offices and season tickets, equal to 65% implies, in fact, the end of volleyball in Perugia and elsewhere, as we have known it” . Sir Safety Conad Perugia also publishes a note on its website – released simultaneously by all the men’s and women’s Super League and Serie A clubs – in which “total disagreement” is expressed on the limit of 35% of the audience in the stands during the matches of the next season for the rules against Covid.

In the note, the volleyball clubs highlight that “as the vaccination campaign progresses and with the introduction of the green pass, it is not clear why we cannot return to normal participation”. It is above all the economic impact that the companies focus their attention on. Comparing with other sports, the clubs underline that “football moves the GDP, volleyball and other sports maybe not. But we are sure – we ask ourselves – that desertifying these disciplines is the right way for the longed-for restart?” . (HANDLE).