Covid: Facebook, dismantled two networks with no vax campaigns

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– ROME, AUG 11 – Facebook has removed hundreds of accounts linked to two no vax campaigns, one coordinated by Russia and one in Myanmar, which have also tried to recruit various influencers to spread false information on vaccines against Covid 19. The company reports, according to which 144 Facebook and 262 Instagram accounts were removed in July alone.

As for the network identified in Russia, the report reads, 65 Facebook profiles and 243 on Instagram have been removed, all linked to the company Fazze, a Russian subsidiary of a marketing company based in Great Britain, now banned. “This platform – explains the platform – mainly targeted users in India, Latin America and, to a lesser extent, the USA. We found it after reviewing the reports on part of its business”.

The dismantled network in Myanmar, on the other hand, Facebook always reports, had a mainly domestic activity, with protagonists linked to the military regime: “We arrived at this activity after analyzing the information shared by a member of civil society in the country. Our investigations have revealed some links between this operation and the activity we had already removed in 2018 “. (HANDLE).