Covid: ok to testing people for a Spanish vaccine

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– MADRID, 11 AUGUST – The Spanish Medicines Agency (Aemps) has authorized the start of human tests of an anti-Covid vaccine developed in the Iberian country. The manufacturing pharmaceutical company is the Hipra company. This is the first experimental vaccine produced in Spain that passes into this new phase of study, according to a note from the Emps.

The human testing phase involves the participation of “several dozen volunteers” aged between 18 and 39, who will be administered two doses over a period of 21 days.

The vaccine, explains Aemps, is based on an immune response generation mechanism similar to that used for the Novavax and Sanofi / Gsk vaccines.

“Today we are taking a big step forward in the fight against the pandemic,” Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez rejoiced over the news on Twitter.

About ten days ago, AEMPS denied authorization for human trials of the experimental vaccine developed by the Spanish Higher Council of Scientific Research, from which more data on previous tests are expected to be able to give the ok. (HANDLE).