Covid: vaccines; Greek government criticizes tennis player Tsitsipas

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– ROME, AUGUST 19 – The spokesman for the Greek government Giannis Economou has criticized the tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas for his statements on vaccination against Covid, which he does not intend to undergo until he is forced to do so.

“He doesn’t have the knowledge, background or research work that would allow him to form an opinion on the matter,” the spokesperson said during a press briefing. Although Tsitsipas is “a great athlete, what is at stake, however, is his ability to assess the need for vaccination and whether the vaccine has been tested for a sufficient period of time,” the official said. “I would say that those who, by virtue of their excellent performance in other fields, are also a point of reference for a wider audience, should be doubly more careful in expressing this type of opinion,” said Giannis Economou.

Tsitsipas is currently participating in the ATP Masters 1000 tournament in Cincinnati (United States). “Nobody made the vaccine a requirement. At some point I will have to (do it), I’m pretty sure, but so far it’s not mandatory to play, so I won’t. I didn’t, no,” the Greek said. week from the United States. “I am young, in the under 25 category, for me the vaccine has not been tested enough, it is new. And there are side effects,” he added. “I personally know people who have had it. I’m not against it, I just don’t see a reason why anyone in my age group should be vaccinated.” “I want to see a better version of the vaccine, which will give more advantages than disadvantages,” concluded the Greek tennis player. (HANDLE).