Dacia Maraini, school is the breath of a country

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(by Mauretta Capuano) – ROME, AUG 11 – As soon as she received the Caccuri 2021 Literary Prize for non-fiction with ‘The school will save us’ (Solferino), Dacia Maraini inaugurates her festival ‘Pescasseroli Legge’, which opens on ’11 August with Antonella Viola and her book’ Danzare nella tempest. Journey into the fragile perfection of the immune system ‘(Feltrinelli) and ends on the 21st with Michele Santoro and his’ Nothing but truth’ (Marsilio). And in September, from 7 to 12, she will be in Arona, on Lake Maggiore, for the Il Teatro sull’Acqua festival, of which she is artistic director.

“The school was very neglected and abandoned. It was thought that it was a company and this is a Berlusconian idea, which should produce, but the school does not produce anything, form.

It must be re-sanctified, not in a religious sense. School is the breath of a country, it must be defended and respected “Maraini told ANSA on her way to Pescasseroli, in the Abruzzo National Park, where she has been spending the summer for some time and where she will work also to a book on Pier Paolo Pasolini which will be released in 2022 for the centenary of his birth. “It will be a very personal book. A memoir in the form of letters. They proposed it to me, I said no before, too much is written about Pier Paolo Pasolini, 100,000 books will come out for the centenary. Then the idea of ​​talking about things lived together convinced me “explains the writer Premio Strega and Premio Campiello who is also working” on a new novel, but it’s too early to talk about it. I can’t live without writing. “

Happy with the victory for the essay of the tenth edition, with the main theme School, the Caccuri Prize, and second woman in the history of recognition, he says: “The school needs presence. Dad was a provisional alternative, since it could not be go out for the health emergency, but I think we have to go back to school as soon as possible. I always say that school and theater are the two things that cannot be done remotely, but you need safety, you cannot challenge the illness”.

The vaccine for children? “If they say it is safe, it is done. You have to rely on experts, not on imaginative thoughts and considerations, if too many have been heard”.

In Pescasseroli law you will be able to hear the immunologist Antonella Viola. “At the Pescasseroli festival we meet up with a lot of people and they want to hear about important topics. Topical issues must be dealt with.

Outdoors with so many people, you have to talk about the things that everyone wants, about the big themes. Viola’s, which opens the festival, is a clear book, also very useful for refuting the no vax. It makes the difficult issues related to the Coronavirus well understood, in an understandable way. The festival will address various topics. Santoro will talk about the mafia “.

With Donatella Di Pietrantonio and her latest book ‘Borgo sud’ (Einaudi), the theme of women will come out in the five to the last edition of the Premio Strega. “There are various positions, of course. For me it is a question of moving forward trying to work on the rights of workers, of the family, of those who have no or few rights. I do not make it an ideological question, how practical and strategic” the writer says. .

Before the birth of the Pescasseroli law book review, Maraini in Abruzzo carried out for years the national Festival ‘Teatro di Gioia’ in the small village of Gioia dei Marsi, in the province of L’Aquila. “But the theater, the companies cost money” explains the writer who has always loved theater and is the artistic director of the Teatro sull’Acqua di Arona Festival which in the 2021 edition will take place from 7 to 15 September. “The administration was intelligent, they understood that they made this idea and this festival is fine” says Maraini of the only Italian example of theater production on water. To inaugurate this edition will be ‘Epiphany’ with tightrope walkers suspended between water and sky in the ancient port of Arona in a visual show by Boris Vecchio, co-produced with the Sarabanda association of Genoa. It will be a theater and speech festival with various shows on the Arona boat which becomes a stage and set design and artists who will also perform in the La Fornace condominium theater. Among the authors present: Pif, Don Ciotti, the teacher-rapper of Bologna Murubutu, Chiara Valerio and Mariapia Veladiano.

“Festivals have grown a lot. There are many and the fact that they concern books a lot is a good sign in a country that does not read” explains Maraini. Although books held out in the pandemic, the market grew and the propensity to read increased. “It is the demonstration that a little slowness and isolation can help to read. The frenzy of running prevents thinking and reflection that are a bit ‘to recover. The drive to run is schizophrenic, it is a bit excessive” he says. .

And how did Covid live? “I’m used to being at home and writing. For the job it was perfect, but I haven’t seen theater, cinema, friends and above all I haven’t traveled. Today is the first time I travel to Pescasseroli”.

What books do you recommend to pack this summer 2021? “Borgo sud ‘by Donatella Di Pietrantonio,’ Dancing in the storm ‘by Antonella Viola and among the classics’ Story of Genji, the shining prince’ by the great Japanese writer and poet Murasaki Shikibu, a beautiful historical book that has recently been republished” suggests the Maraini which will be in Pescasseroli until August 31st. (HANDLE).