Dangerous counterfeit toys, Gdf maxi seizure in Como

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– MILAN, AUGUST 19 – The financiers of the Provincial Command of the Finance Police of Como have confiscated over 240,000 toys, material destined for the construction sector and potentially dangerous protective gloves.

During the checks, attention was focused on a maxi-emporium in Como, where toys intended for children (in particular guns, toy cartridges and board games) without the CE mark were found and seized. safety warnings, mandatory information (required by sector legislation) and related declarations of conformity, which allow circulation within the European Union. In particular, some products (toy guns), having not been subjected to technical checks required by European legislation, could be dangerous for the health of consumers.

Among the merchandise for sale, the financiers also found materials used in the construction industry and protective plastic gloves, lacking safety warnings.

In the same store, counterfeit toys were also discovered depicting well-known characters from Marvel (Spiderman), MGA Entertainment (Lol surprise) and Acamar Films (Bing Bunny), which do not comply with the production standards of the parent companies.

The legal representative of the company was reported to the Milan Chamber of Commerce for penalties ranging from 1,500 euros to 10,000 euros and from 516 euros to 25,823 euros, while the manager of the store where the counterfeit products were stored was reported to the Como Public Prosecutor’s Office. for counterfeiting and receiving stolen goods. (HANDLE).