DAU Natasha, the Stalinist Truman Show

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– ROME, AUGUST 20 – DAU NATASHA by Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, already in competition (not without controversy) at the Berlin Film Festival in 2000 and now in cinemas from August 26, Teodora, is a truly powerful film because there is real life inside , real sex, real violence, all without a script or actors. A hard and original work because it shows a parallel world, a ‘Stalinist Truman Show’, the result of an experiment, the DAU, conceived by the brilliant director Khrzhanovskij (considered a sort of little Rasputin 2.0) who decided to set up in Kharkiv ( Ukraine) a scenographic reconstruction of the enormous Soviet research complex – the so-called ‘Institute’.

Here he placed about 400 people for three years, who had agreed to immerse themselves in that era by depriving themselves of all modern objects, but captured by cameras day and night. A saga that has dug into human nature and its behavior in an extreme condition, a sort of anthropological experiment, a descent into hell of people who voluntarily chose to enter this world where you drink a lot, smoke a lot, have sex , we fight and we hate each other.

Here Natasha (Natalia Berezhnaya) and the younger Olga work in the canteen of this secret Soviet research institute, the beating heart of the DAU where Luc Bigé is among the scientists and foreign guests.

Natasha, full of alcohol, like all the guests of the canteen and the institute, begins a relationship with him without too many problems. But when the girl describes her new French lover as ‘kind’ it creates suspicion in the secret service, led by Vladimir Azhippo.

For Natasha they will be real tortures and humiliations, interrogations, stripping, threats, all even more frightening because what happens is in the realm of truth. (HANDLE).