De Laurentiis, without fans, falsified tournament and in apnea

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– ROME, AUGUST 15 – “Happy August to all our fans. Those who will return to cheer at the stadium in Curva A, Curva B, Distinti, Nisida, Posillipo and those who are at home or on the move on tablets or smartphones will follow us in Italy and abroad. I am happy that we will return to compete with the twelfth man on the pitch, that is all of you, further and further away from the specter of the pandemic that forced us to see a distorted and played football in an aquarium apnea “.

Thus, on Twitter, the president of Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis. “Happy Ferragosto to all of you” my friends “blue and to your families. Happy Ferragosto to the whole Naples family: players, staff, managers, employees and collaborators”, adds the president. (HANDLE).