Di Maio, we will continue evacuations, then flights coordinated by the EU

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– ROME, AUGUST 17 – Priorities at this time are “the protection of civilians” and “the safety of the Afghans who have collaborated with the international community. In this regard, Italy will continue its evacuation operations of other compatriots and Afghan citizens who have supported our embassy and our military contingent. In the coming days we should work on an internationally coordinated initiative to ensure humanitarian flights and ensure that the emergency is replaced by a process organized”. This was stated by Minister Luigi Di Maio speaking to the EU Foreign Council.

“We are aware – added Di Maio – that the reception demand for refugees and migrants from Afghanistan will increase. It is therefore necessary for the EU to develop a common response, also in this case in close collaboration with the partners of the region. , to which the necessary support will be ensured at the same time “.

The Foreign Minister also stated that “we, like the West, will not be exempt from in-depth reflection on the mistakes made and the lessons to be learned from the twenty-year intervention in Afghanistan. Now, however, it is necessary to define a shared strategy” .