Digital culture festival investigates pandemic and associated life

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– MODENA, 20 AUG – Today no person and no community lives in a single environment but, on the contrary, all individual and social existences are crossed by flows and relationships that push us to live in several environments at the same time. This is the direction on which the ‘Modena Smart Life’ digital culture festival promoted by the Municipality intends to go, which in the 2021 edition, from 23 to 26 September, returns with face-to-face meetings and, with the title ‘Environments: digital, ecological , social ‘, intends to investigate this type of reality in the light of what happened with the pandemic and its effects on associated life.

The program includes 54 appointments and dozens of speakers: in the inaugural meeting, entitled ‘Eartphonia’, the president of the San Carlo Foundation Giuliano Albarani will talk with the founder of the Subsonica Max Casacci. The initiatives of the festival will then unfold through some thematic axes that will aim to cover the various issues that cross the relationships between ecology, digitization and sociality. The conferences’ After globalization ‘by the sociologist Paolo Perulli (organized by the Collegio San Carlo Foundation and the Mulino),’ Frate Sole and Sora Luna ‘by Bishop Erio Castellucci is Sustainability. A revolution on consumption, poverty and inequality ‘by the economist Andrea Segrè.

The purpose of the Festival is to reflect on the intertwining and relationships between these different environments, today always interconnected with each other, also presenting concrete experiences of innovation in different fields of action (Public administration, training, environmental sustainability, industry, the urban territory, cultural production).

In fact, the promoters explain, “only by closely correlating these three aspects – natural, social, digital – will we be able to create more welcoming and comfortable living environments, based on the coexistence of ‘physical’ networks and technological networks.


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