Dylan biographer disputes violence allegations: ‘He wasn’t in NY’

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Lawyer of a woman who claims she was sexually molested by Bob Dylan when she was a child challenges a biographer of the future Nobel laureate: “We have evidence to prove that she is telling the truth,” lawyer Daniel Isaacs told the defense. by biographer Clinton Heylin, according to which Dylan, in the months of 1965, during which the violence in an apartment of the Chelsea Hotel took place, almost never found himself in New York. JC, these are the initials that conceal the identity of the accuser, states that Dylan “created an emotional connection with her” and then molested her within six weeks between April and May 56 years ago. Heylin, author of various books on Dylan including the recent “The Double Life of Bob Dylan Vol I, 1941-1966”, expressed doubts, moreover shared by other “dylanologists”, hooking himself on the artist’s performance calendar. “Dylan was touring England at that time and for two of those two weeks he was in Los Angeles, plus a day or two in Woodstock. The tour was 10 days but Bob left for London on April 26th and He returned to New York on June 3. If he was in New York at that time, it wasn’t for more than a day or two. When he wasn’t on tour at that time, he was in Woodstock. at the Chelsea Hotel, but in his manager’s apartment in Gramercy Park. ” Isaacs replied that the tour dates “do not contradict JC’s allegations”. There are weeks in April, added the lawyer, in which Dylan was not on tour: “We checked all his claims and did our research before going to court. There is evidence that during the period we are interested in it was in New York”. JC’s lawsuit, who is now 68 years old and 12 at the time of the alleged facts, was filed on August 14, at the expiration of the terms provided for by a law of the state of New York, which allowed victims of abuse during childhood to appear in court against their aggressors regardless of how old the facts reported were.