Ed Sheeran, the new album "=" out on 29 October

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Ed Sheeran has announced details of his new album ‘=’ (Equals), out October 29 on Asylum Records label. Along with the announcement, Ed Sheeran also released a new track, ‘Visiting Hours’ (included on the album) along with a video performance.
‘=’, the fourth album in the series titled with mathematical symbols, is the most complete work of Ed, an artist in constant evolution who never stops looking for new ways. It is a collection of songs that have been composed over the span of 4 years, following the release of the multi-award winning album ‘ö’ (Divide), in which Ed Sheeran emphasizes the experiences gained and the people he met while exploring the various shades of love (‘The Joker And The Queen’, ‘First Times’,’ 2step ‘), of loss (‘ Visiting Hours’), of resilience (‘Can’t Stop The Rain’) and of fatherhood (‘ Sandman ‘,’ Leave Your Life ‘) while analyzing his career and reality (‘ Tides’).

From a musical point of view ‘=’ encompasses his whole world: from classic guitar songs with timeless ballads to more euphoric moments and with a more complex production, such as the first single he released this summer, ‘Bad Habits’ . Ed’s personal vision of life is all expressed in ‘=’, his daily life and his intimacy, elevating the experiences to a universal stage as in ‘Visiting hours’ – a passage in which he describes the loss of his mentor and friend Michael. Gudinski, written immediately after his death (“I wish that heaven had visiting hours / So I can just swing by and ask your advice”). Played for the first time during the state memorial in March, the intense and moving song is accompanied by a video performance with the participation of the choirs of his closest friends, Kylie Minogue and Jimmy Barnes.

Written and recorded in Suffolk, London, Sweden and Los Angeles, the album was executive produced by FRED (No. 6 Collaborations Project), Johnny McDaid (Divide) and Ed himself, with additional contributions from by Steve Mac, Joe Rubel, Amy Wadge, Foy Vance, Elvira Anderfjard, David Hodges, Andrew Watt, Lou Bell, Natalie Hemby and Ben Kweller. Ed’s composer brother Matthew contributed the wonderful string arrangements on ‘First Times’ and ‘The Joker And The Queen’. The album cover is a vivid ensemble of butterflies symbolizing a ‘new life’, the leitmotif of the album, painted on an abstract drawing done by Ed Sheeran.
Ed Sheeran commented: “= (Equals) is a very personal album and it means a lot to me. My life has changed a lot in recent years – I got married, I became a father, I lost friends – and in the album I reflect on all of this. I see it as an album of maturity and I can’t wait to share it with you all. “

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