Encrypted calls arrive on Facebook Messenger

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– MILAN, AUGUST 17 – Facebook has confirmed that it has also added end-to-end encryption to audio and video calls, already integrated in text chats. A decision that, according to the US giant, is a direct consequence of the boom in the use of the platform, especially after the various generalized lockdowns. The company pointed out that, during the peak period, there were more than 150 million video calls per day on Messenger. Other Facebook products, such as WhatsApp, already rely on end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only the sender and recipient have access to the contents of messages and calls. No one else, including Facebook, can read or listen to what is shared. However, the same company recalled that, in the case of reports of harassment, countermeasures can still be taken to identify improper use of the platform. The novelty of end-to-end encryption affects, for the moment, only voice and video calls between individual users. Group chats are excluded, even textual. Facebook has confirmed that it will test the feature, where not present, in the coming weeks. In conjunction with encryption, there is also an update to the option for ephemeral messages, which allows you to control how long someone can see messages sent in a chat, before they disappear. With the update, users can choose the viewing duration, from five seconds to 24 hours. (HANDLE).