Escaped Pescara: Ps, for the arrest of an important collaboration with the people

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– PESCARA, AUGUST 18 – The escape of the two prisoners escaped yesterday at 9 am from the ‘San Donato’ prison in Pescara and taken by the police last night in the same neighborhood lasted less than ten hours. After the alarm, explained this morning the vicar of the Quaestor Alessandra Bucci, the deputy commissioner and manager of the Pescara Mobile Squad Dante Cosentino and the chief commissioner Davide Zaccone of the Flying Squad, “the operation was facilitated by the precious collaboration” of the citizens. Once we had the authorization to disclose the photos of the two, in fact, “greater communication has facilitated our work”. When a signal arrived at 113, the Steering Wheels and the owl cars of the Mobile started approaching the area where the two were seen.

After a few minutes, surrounded the area, a brief chase and then the capture of the two young men, who had hidden in a reed bed, just as they were about to climb over the railway area where it would have been difficult to track them down.

The two, aged 23 and 26, were in prison for two robberies in Rome in recent years. They were locked up at the San Donato di Pescara one from October 2020, the other from last July. The investigations were coordinated by the prosecutor of Pescara Gabriella De Lucia. The two young people were transferred to the prison of Vasto (Chieti). (HANDLE).