Europeans: Acerbi, in the key happiness of Italy success

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– ROME, AUGUST 11 – “Before footballers we are people who like to have fun, stay in a group. It was an environment in which we felt at home, we were happy and we all rowed in the same direction for a single goal” . One month after the Wembley final, which consecrated Italy as European champion, Francesco Acerbi described to Sky Sport the climate that cemented the Azzurri.

“When you are happy to do something together with other people, even in a match everything is easier. And even the coach asked us this – said the Lazio defender – to be ourselves and show off our qualities, having fun. This was our secret to winning the European Championships. Reviewing the images is a great emotion, it was something extraordinary and thinking about it makes you understand how much good has been done. I can only be happy and proud “.

The most difficult match, Acerbi revealed, the one he played from the first minute, “against Austria, was the most difficult match that could happen to us at that moment, the first knockout match against a team that had nothing to do with it. lose”. (HANDLE).