Facebook launches Workrooms, the first metaverse app

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Mark Zuckerberg presented, during a press conference in virtual reality, Horizon Workrooms, the first application of the Facebook metaverse. It is a cross between the Sims videogame and existing social networking apps in VR, even if the basic concept is different here. Facebook has developed Workrooms thinking about remote work and frequent online meetings that in recent months, due to a pandemic, have replaced those in the office.

For this reason, the app acts as a substitute for a traditional working day in which personal activities are mixed with those of the group, including a coffee break. Horizon Workrooms is accessible via Oculus Quest, the viewers, now in the second version, which do not need a connection to the computer to work (although it remains possible, to enjoy higher quality). “Working together will be one of the primary ways people use the metaverse in the future,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post. The company demonstrated how users can meet in virtual conference rooms and collaborate on whiteboards or shared documents, also interacting with their desk and computer keyboard, through the Quest’s environmental vision function. The term “metaverse”, coined in the 1992 novel “Snow Crash”, is used to describe places accessible through different platforms where the physical and the digital converge. He was also recently quoted by Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, who talked about the possibility of launching products and services that shape their own version. Redmond already has various versions of the HoloLens in its portfolio, with a specific Windows platform and various collaboration apps that integrate real and virtual. (HANDLE).