Fires: deaths in Algeria rise to 42

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– ROME, AUG 11 – The number of deaths in Algeria caused by forest fires that struck the region east of Algiers at the beginning of the week has risen to 42: Prime Minister Ayman Benabderrahmane announced this, according to the Guardian , noting that the government has asked for help from the international community.

Among the victims, as reported yesterday, there are also 25 soldiers. Dozens of fires broke out on Monday in the Kabylia region, 100 km east of the capital, and in other areas of the country, forcing the authorities to send the army to help evacuate citizens.

“There can only be criminal hands behind the simultaneous outbreak of about 50 fires in different locations,” Interior Minister Kamel Beldjoud said yesterday after a visit to the worst-hit area.

The Civil Protection has announced that six people have died in Kabylia and in the region of Setif (east) an 80-year-old man died while trying to save his animals. Authorities reported a total of 41 fires on Monday night, 21 of them around Tizi Ouzou, the capital of Kabylia. (HANDLE).