Fires: Nuorese and Ogliastra burn, Canadair also in flight

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– NUORO, AUGUST 11 – Another field day on the fire front in Sardinia and those that cause greater concern are in Nuorese and Ogliastra. A large front has opened in Borore, in the Marghine, after yesterday the flames on the border with the territories of Birori and Bortigali destroyed an area of ​​180 hectares. This morning there was a re-ignition and again this afternoon the men of the regional civil protection are fighting with the flames. There are five regional Forestry Corps helicopters and one Canadair on site.

A fire is also being fought in Dualchi, where the flames are advancing towards the town. On the spot, the firefighters of the Provincial Command of Nuoro have set up an advanced command post and deployed four teams with reinforcements from the provincial command of Oristano and from the Regional Forestry Corps, which sent the aircraft to the place.

Flames also in the Villagrande countryside near the 389 state road, where three helicopters from the military bases of San Cosimo, Farcana and Sorgono and two Canadair are operating. The highway has not been closed at the moment.

Also in Ogliastra another fire front opened in Arzana where two helicopters of the regional Forestry Corps and a Canadair are at work. Finally, the air vehicles of the regional fleet and some Canadair are also trying to put out the flames in the municipalities of Mandas and Morgongiori in southern Sardinia, where two other fires broke out in the afternoon. But for the regional civil protection, they are less worrying than the former.