Fires, old man died in Reggino

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– CAVE, 11 AUG – A man, Mario Zavaglia, aged 76, died in the countryside of Grotteria due to a forest fire and the subsequent collapse of his rural house caused by the fire. The retired man went to his property to look after his garden in the Scaletta district, at the foot of the Limina mountains. In a few minutes the flames surrounded the house leaving no escape for the elderly.

Zavaglia’s charred body was found by one of the pensioner’s children, worried that he had not seen his father return to the family’s other home in the center of Grotteria. The concern was accentuated by the fact that Zavaglia did not answer his cell phone. Zavaglia had returned from Milan last July, where he had moved a few years ago, after he retired, together with his family. Almost every day the pensioner went to his land in Grotteria to carry out agricultural work. (HANDLE).