Flop of the square against the green pass, tomorrow will be repeated in 12 cities

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They had triumphantly announced: “we will be at least 50 thousand”. But to shout ‘freedom liberty’ in Piazza del Popolo, to attack the “sanitary tyranny” – the copyright belongs to the Roman leader of Forza Nuova Giuliano Castellino – imposed with the green pass, the government “which is all a magna magna”, i ” terrorist journalists “were less than a thousand. Most of it, rigorously and proudly, without a mask. If the event called by ‘IoApro’ was intended to test what Italians think about the obligation of the green pass, the answer came loud and clear. The flop of the demonstration in Rome, after those convened via social media last Saturday which instead brought tens of thousands of people throughout Italy to the streets, does not mean, however, that the problem of the whole universe that opposes the vaccine and the provisions of the government – certainly not made up of hard and pure no vax – has exhausted its thrust here. Already in the next few hours it is repeated and this time to convene the square is the ‘Free Choice Committee’, a non-profit organization made up of “free citizens” that defines itself as “non-partisan, apolitical, open to anyone who intends to support full freedom of choice in health matters” . “Those who are silent agree! If you too are against the obligation of the green pass, now is the time to prove it” is the slogan with which a torchlight procession was called, again in Piazza del Popolo in Rome and in at least 12 other cities, from Milan to Palermo, from Padua to Rovigo, from Bologna to Trento. They will also be non-partisan and apolitical. And yet on the Facebook page there is a list of those who will be there. The Northern League Bagnai, Siri, Borghi and Pillon; the outcast to cinquestelle Paragone and Paolo Becchi, the former ideologue of the Movement who left Grillo in 2015. Red Ronnie also gave his full support, even though he won’t be there: “I’m on a ship that takes me back to Sardinia “he wrote on Facebook adding:” I totally support this peaceful assertion that freedom is something as vital as oxygen to breathe. We are going through the darkest period in human history. ” Attention to the squares therefore remains high, especially due to the risk that movements and groups, from the far right to the antagonists, may infiltrate the demonstrators, with the sole intention of raising the tension. Also for this reason, the indications given by the Interior Ministry to prefects and quaestors were clear: avoid confrontation at all costs and convey the demonstrations to more controllable and safe places for the management of public order, intervening a posteriori with sanctions, for those who do not wear. the mask, and complaints. Digos and Scientifica resumed Saturday’s demonstrations and the first measures have already taken place in Piacenza, Genoa and Livorno. And so it will be for all the others. A line that was also followed for the sit in in Piazza del Popolo where the demonstrators tried, in vain, to organize a procession to Montecitorio and then settle for a walk to Trinità dei Monti. But only after reiterating the usual list of accusations against the government, the media and politicians over the microphone. “They put us against each other, to us – they shout from the stage – not them who are all a magna magna. We must send them all home, there is no right, left, center, they are all sold”. The square applauds and increases the dose: “in jail”. Biagio Passaro, the restaurateur from Modena who has become one of the leaders of the movement, is keen to let people know that he has had Covid and has also been vaccinated. “We don’t want to go against those who get vaccinated, but the government can’t brand or certify people.” Dozens are live on Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram. Because in this way you “share the genuine information” and don’t listen to the news of those “buffoons” of the media. Favorite targets are Mario Draghi “Dragonball”, Roberto Speranza and the virologist Roberto Burioni. The faces of the premier and the minister are drawn under a viewfinder. The writing on the sign says: “either remove your pass or don’t pass to 2022”. “Here there are all the free and rebellious Italians – screams Castellino – Today the Italians are divided into two categories, there is no right and left, there are no fascists and there are no anti-fascists, there are Italians in struggle. sanitary tyranny has simplified the choice: either we are against the green pass or we are with the green pass. The united people knows no defeat “. Could the conspiracy theorists be missing? No, they couldn’t. Salvatore Rainò, allergist doctor, supporter of homeopathy. “The coronavirus has always existed. Then there are the bad germs that make them fall from the sky and put them in the water.” Tomorrow is replicated.