Football: Dazn optimizes streaming with network investments

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– MILAN, AUGUST 20 – The 2021-2022 season of Serie A Tim is about to start with Dazn. The streaming platform is ready to provide a quality service to customers, also thanks to global content distribution agreements. The subscription that can be purchased for 29.99 euros per month allows you to watch games on Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles and TV adapters (such as Google TV and Amazon Fire Stick). The season package includes all Serie A, as well as the Europa League and other international competitions.

For the new season, Dazn has implemented concrete technological improvements. The company relies on six different world-class providers, each with a significant expansion of its distribution infrastructures to all fixed and mobile operators in Italy. To watch the games you don’t necessarily need fiber: they range from a 2.0 Mbps connection for SD resolution up to 8.0 Mbps for HD and above. Through Dazn Edge, different network nodes replicate live broadcasts locally near the final recipients, thus avoiding the overload of national backbones. In other words, the technology creates a series of intermediate ‘points’ of redundancy between the source and the user, reducing the bandwidth requirement and thus overcoming the risk of signal congestion. On the offer side there is also a novelty: the Dazn TV box, for sale on the website This is the decoder intended primarily for those who are in areas with limited access to broadband and ultra-broadband internet. It costs 139.99 euros, to which the price of the monthly subscription to Dazn must be added. Only through the box (and the Tim Vision box) it will be possible to access Dazn Channel, on the 409 of the digital terrestrial. (HANDLE).