Football: Spanish federation against La Liga, illegal deal with CVC

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– ROME, AUGUST 11 – It is not just the farewell of Lionel Messi to Barcelona to shake the start of the season of Spanish football. In fact, there is an open dispute over the agreement for the entry of the CVC investment fund into the La Liga, defined as “totally illegal” by the Iberian football federation.

On the eve of the assembly of the clubs on the operation concerning the commercialization of the TV rights of the championship, the federation expressed its “opposition” in a statement, as did Real Madrid and Barcelona in recent days. “Not only for legal reasons but also but also for economic reasons, since club rights are heavily taxed for the next fifty years in exchange for a small amount of money,” explains the federation’s note, which formalized the their position with a burofax in La Liga.

The Spanish football federation underlines that “there is an attempt to create a new corporate structure, the sole purpose of which is for the president of the La Liga to become president of the new body, receiving new emoluments and avoiding the already few controls that are now imposed”.

The reaction of La Liga president Javier Tebas was harsh. “The federation releases the long-awaited press release on the Super League in support of Uefa and the leagues. Oh no! – Tebas’ sarcastic message on Twitter -. There is no pronouncement on a project that would have liquidated Spanish football. LaLiga is not lacking. You have to follow the instructions … if you don’t study the documents! “. (HANDLE).