Germany: Forsa, Spd overtakes the Greens and pressures Cdu-Csu

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– BERLIN, AUGUST 18 – The German Social Democrats surpass the Greens in this week’s Forsa poll and, a few weeks after the vote on September 26 in Germany, they are very close to the Union (CDU-CSU). According to the survey, Olaf Scholz’s party now has 21% (+2) of the preferences against 19% of the Greens (-1), while Armin Laschet’s conservatives remain at 23%.

In this constellation, the Union and the SPD could nominate the next chancellor, the ecologists could not.

The liberals settle on 12%, the left of Linke registers a 6% and the ultra-right of Afd 10% of the preferences.

Even in the so-called “Kanzlergfrage”, in the purely theoretical scenario in which the Germans could vote directly for the chancellor, Scholz is still ahead with 29% of personal consensus, against 15% for the green Annalena Baerbock and 12 for the leader of the CDU Armin Laschet .