Google working on a foldable Pixel phone

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– MILAN, AUGUST 17 – Google could announce a ‘Pixel Fold’ by the end of the year. This is stated by the developer ‘cstark27’, who noticed that in the beta version of Android 12 there are lines of code referring to a device called “Passport”. This is the same one that has been talked about for months now, as the first folding smartphone of Big G. The indications suggest that Passport could host the new Google Tensor processor produced by Samsung, also supplier of the 5G connection modem that the foldable will be equipped with. . Other rumors report that the Passport will benefit from the same 7.6-inch screen and 120Hz refresh rate as the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which Samsung produces in-house, through the Display division. Samsung is a leader in foldable technology at the moment and Google has been getting very close to the company lately, having also collaborated on the development of Wear OS 3, the operating system on board the new Galaxy Watch 4. It is not clear if Passport will appear alongside the Pixel 6. and Pixel 6 Pro, expected as early as August, or if Google will announce it in the fall. Considering that the company has already provided a substantial preview of the traditional Pixels, the reveal of the Passport could be a bonus for the upcoming hardware event. (HANDLE).