Great Britain, goodbye to landlines by 2025

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– MILAN, AUGUST 16 – By 2025 landline phones will no longer be used in Great Britain. According to reports from the Daily Mail, the proponents of the epochal transition are the telecommunications companies that, throughout the country, aim to favor the transition to mobile telephony, also thanks to 5G. In addition, the main operators now offer subscription fees that no longer include unlimited calls from a fixed number but only the home internet connection and, often, a sim card for the smartphone, so as to increase the ‘switch’ to the mobile. In Europe, some countries have already focused their commercial policies on abandoning the home line, such as France, where fixed telephone contracts no longer exist. However, criticism of the operation has emerged in the UK, especially among older people without a cell phone and internet. The director of the Age UK association, Caroline Abrahams, said: “given that about half of the elderly over the age of 75 are not online, there could be a serious communication problem for our citizens”. It must be said that the disappearance of the fixed telephone is not a consequence of the turning off of antennas or dedicated infrastructures. It is simply a trend that, in Great Britain as elsewhere, is evident and linked to the development of different services. In any case, the main organizations have already reassured the British about an ‘accompaniment’ towards mobile technology, also through specific offers, both on the purchase of smartphones and ‘voice only’ plans for the over 70s. .