Green pass: steward, we don’t check it

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“The Viminale circular generates erroneous interpretations. We are suggesting and will continue to suggest to the delegates of event management, during the public order committees, to use different people, therefore not stewards, to control the Green pass. We will only intervene in cases where it will be necessary to show an identity document. There are already few stewards to check tickets. The companies will have to employ volunteers, such as retired law enforcement men “. Thus Ferruccio Taroni, president of the National Association of Security Delegates, which represents the category of stewards.

According to the circular issued yesterday by the Interior Ministry, “with reference to shows open to the public and sporting events”, “even the so-called stewards, that is the personnel registered in the special lists kept by the Quaestors”, can be considered qualified to check the Green pass. of such personnel who can be used for events and demonstrations of a different kind from football competitions (…), first of all, the sports clubs that are owners of the facility will be able to use “. The latter will be able to “delegate the checks in question to their delegates, in whose number the stewards must certainly be included, although not expressly mentioned in the provision in question”.

The possibility of making use of delegates is also provided for the checks to which – in cases where access with a Green pass is mandatory – the owners of accommodation facilities and public establishments, sea and land air carriers and the managers of the facilities they provide socio-sanitary and social-assistance health services.