Haiti, Unicef: first 9.7 tons of humanitarian aid arrives

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The first shipment with 9.7 tons of medical supplies and water arrived in Port au Prince, Haiti, and others will follow in the coming days, in the country hit by the earthquake: 1.2 million people, including 540,000 children, were affected. of the earthquake while 130,000 homes, 94 schools and 1,800 water supply systems were completely or partially destroyed. This was announced by Unicef, informing that other flights containing 30 tons of life-saving aid should land in the coming days before being delivered to the southern departments most affected by the earthquake and tropical storm.
This aid will reach 23,350 children and families over a three-month period. Shipped from UNICEF’s general warehouse, these prime supplies include medicines, surgical equipment and nutritional supplements, as well as over half a million face masks. The shipment also contains 15 tents destined for areas where health centers have been destroyed, to ensure continuity of service. Finally, more than 65,000 water purification tablets, water tanks and hygiene kits, including soap and menstrual hygiene supplies, were included in the shipment.
Within hours of the earthquake, a UNICEF truck delivered six medical kits to three hospitals in Les Cayes with enough supplies – including gloves, painkillers, antibiotics and syringes – to treat 30,000 earthquake victims for three months.
UNICEF estimates it will need $ 15 million to meet the most urgent needs of at least 385,000 people, including 167,000 children under five, over an eight-week period. This initial funding request will be reviewed and updated in the coming weeks.

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