In Genoa the first Italian gathering of Harry Potter fans

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GENOA – The first national gathering dedicated to “potterheads”: Harry Potter fans will be held in Genoa on the first weekend of October. The #GenovacomeHogwarts “event will be hosted at Villa Serra di Comago, by the Abracadabra Festival, which will see the presence of artists and cultural associations for the entertainment moments, artisans selected for the traditional” magic market “.
“For lovers of the history of Harry Potter, the magic word” Abracadabra “evokes one of the three unforgivable curses – the organizers explain – so it seemed a fun combination to approach our first meeting with a consolidated event”. Among the contents of #GenovacomeHogwarts lessons in herbology, divination, transfiguration, defense from the dark arts, in the company of the characters of the saga, Bellatrix Lestrange (Sophie Lamour), Pomona Sprite (Deborah Carelli), Severus Snape (Alberto Cervelli), Minerva McGranitt ( Alessandra Politi). Among the various activities there is also a photoset with themed scenography and a haunted treasure hunt in the English-style park of the villa.

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